You can already make candles and want to create an additional income stream for your candle business.

How can I help you?

 Back in 2016 I ran 10 workshops round my kitchen table. Growing to 76 in a year workshops in 2019. I muddled through endless workshops trying to figure out what worked and what didn't. 

Do I take payment before they come? Will people pay for what i'm offering? How will I know what questions they will ask.

It was uncomfortable and painful before I figured it out - now I want to share EXACTLY what worked and what didn't so you don't have to spend ages figuring it out.  

Imagine if you could

Run workshops at your own kitchen table with a step by step guide and printables to help you and you don't have to even think (well almost)

Be running workshops from your kitchen table by next week

With all the printables you need at your finger tips


It's actually really easy

Follow the simple steps you'll run a great workshop that your customers will love and want to come back with friends. 


Access all the tools 24/7 and via an award winning app on the go to kickstart your candle making workshops. 

...all just by taking this ONE course and applying the methods inside.

Imagine if you could access all the tools in one place to learn how to run your own candle workshop

My Offer to you

Packed with advice and knowledge of everything Jo has learned over the past  years running workshops.

Jo will hold your hand virtually (as much as she wants to be in your kitchen with you) throughout the process.

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You will get...

Included 1

1 hour mentoring

Included 2

How to take payments.

Included 3

Downloadable workbook

Included 4

Learn how to time your workshop.

Included 5

How to price your workshop.

Included 6

What equipment and Insurance you need.


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Illuminating Dreams: A Decade of Excellence in Candle Crafting and Empowering Women Worldwide

Welcome to the radiant world of Jo Macfarlane, an award-winning luminary in the art of candle making. With a glowing legacy spanning over a decade, Jo has not only mastered the delicate balance of wax,  wicks and luxury fragrance but has also emerged as a guiding light for women seeking to ignite their entrepreneurial spirit in the candle industry.

Over the years, her commitment to the craft and an unwavering dedication to quality have propelled her into the limelight, earning her prestigious accolades in the competitive world of candle making.

What sets Jo apart is not just her exceptional talent for creating exquisite candles but also her mission to empower women to turn their candle-making dreams into reality. With a keen focus on nurturing aspiring candle makers, she has successfully guided numerous women on their entrepreneurial journey, helping them start and scale their candle businesses.

Jo’s commitment to empowering women has evolved beyond local circles. Leveraging the digital age, she has taken her teachings global, reaching enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs in 17 countries. Through her engaging and informative online courses, Jo imparts invaluable knowledge, from the basics of candle making to full candle businesses.


This Is For you -

  • This is for you if you want the freedom to work from home from your kitchen table.

  • This is for you if you want to hugely boost your income
  • This is for you if you if you want to work around your kids. 
  • This is for you if you want tried and tested methods that work. 
  • This is for you if you want a ready made step by step guide on how to make money from your kitchen table
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1. What to do to prepare your workshops

2. What to do during your workshop.

3. Aftercare of your customers.

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Top features


  • Ready to go printables
  •  Certificate of completion for your customers
  • How to take payments before the day.
  •  How to set up your kitchen table
  •  How to take bookings.
  •  Why you should follow up after the workshop. 


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