You are tired of Googling 'How to make candles' (1.5 million results) and still not managed to make a fabulous candle that smells lush and burns cleanly to the end.

Illuminating Dreams: A Decade of Excellence in Candle Crafting and Empowering Women Worldwide

Welcome to the radiant world of Jo Macfarlane, an award-winning luminary in the art of candle making. With a glowing legacy spanning over a decade, Jo has not only mastered the delicate balance of wax,  wicks and luxury fragrance but has also emerged as a guiding light for women seeking to ignite their entrepreneurial spirit in the candle industry.

Over the years, her commitment to the craft and an unwavering dedication to quality have propelled her into the limelight, earning her prestigious accolades in the competitive world of candle making.

What sets Jo apart is not just her exceptional talent for creating exquisite candles but also her mission to empower women to turn their candle-making dreams into reality. With a keen focus on nurturing aspiring candle makers, she has successfully guided numerous women on their entrepreneurial journey, helping them start and scale their candle businesses.

Jo’s commitment to empowering women has evolved beyond local circles. Leveraging the digital age, she has taken her teachings global, reaching enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs in 17 countries. Through her engaging and informative online courses, Jo imparts invaluable knowledge, from the basics of candle making to full candle businesses.

Imagine if you could



Learn the triangle of success to creating the perfect candle


Learn my secret to a perfect burn



Learn the 3 crazy things you do not need to do to get a great burn pool.


Ladies! - all just by taking this ONE course and applying the simple steps inside - All for £39

My guarantee to you girl!

 I guarantee 100% you will make fabulous candles after one hour of my lessons.

"Confidence comes from taking action"

Perfect for complete beginners with no prior knowledge of candle making.

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Yes please, I want your knowledge for £39

You will get...

Included 1

Learn why to save your milk frother for your cappuccinos!

Included 2

Learn where not to buy your candle supplies from. 

Included 3

Learn why you need to pack your heat gun away

Included 4

Learn why you don't need to stir your wax anti-clockwise by the light of the full moon.

Included 5

Why you don't need tinfoil to make candles.

Included 6

Learn why speed is not our friend.



Why buy a candle for £39 when you can learn to make 100's for £39?


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This Is For you -

  • This is for you if you are tired of googling candle making, now have 50 conflicting methods and none work.

  • This is for you if you if you can't listen to any more conflicting candle making instructions from all the candle groups you joined.
  • This is for you if you have bought all the supplies and they are now shoved under your bed gathering dust.
  • This is for you if you want fast tracked to candle making
  • This is for you if you are too busy to do all the research yourself and want me to help you. 

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Yes, I want all of this for £39

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Now for the practical stuff


12 mini videos teaching you how to make candles at home.

Troubleshooting guide. 

Health & Safety download.

Access to Facebook group

List of trusted suppliers in US, UK & Australia. Equipment & ingredients list

Workbook prints US & UK size

Yes, I want this for £39



  • Learn what not to do when choosing a wick 
  • Learn the 3 most important rules in candle making.
  • Learn the difference between a bad supplier and a fantastic one.
  • Learn why buying wax that has free wicks is a bad idea.
  • Learn why your candles haven't worked out so far.
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