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Illuminating Dreams: A Decade of Excellence in Candle Crafting and Empowering Women Worldwide

Welcome to the radiant world of Jo Macfarlane, an award-winning luminary in the art of candle making. With a glowing legacy spanning over a decade, Jo has not only mastered the delicate balance of wax,  wicks and luxury fragrance but has also emerged as a guiding light for women seeking to ignite their entrepreneurial spirit in the candle industry.

Over the years, her commitment to the craft and an unwavering dedication to quality have propelled her into the limelight, earning her prestigious accolades in the competitive world of candle making.

What sets Jo apart is not just her exceptional talent for creating exquisite candles but also her mission to empower women to turn their candle-making dreams into reality. With a keen focus on nurturing aspiring candle makers, she has successfully guided numerous women on their entrepreneurial journey, helping them start and scale their candle businesses.

Jo’s commitment to empowering women has evolved beyond local circles. Leveraging the digital age, she has taken her teachings global, reaching enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs in 17 countries. Through her engaging and informative online courses, Jo imparts invaluable knowledge, from the basics of candle making to full candle businesses.

Imagine if you could

Learn how to colour a candle

So they all turn out the same. 


Learn how to create nine candle types

So you can master your skills


Access all the tools 24/7 and via an award winning app.

...all just by taking this ONE course and applying the methods inside.

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I guarantee 100% you will come away with confidence to expand your candle making knowledge to create the 11 items in this course.

"Confidence comes from taking action"

Perfect for candle lovers who have already been making candles. 

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You will get...

Included 1

Learn why taking the  temperature of the wax and temperature of your room is important.

Included 2

Instructions on how to make 11 items from diffusers to wood wick candles.

Included 3

Learn to use the correct % of oils 

Included 4

How to size your candle container for multiple wicks 

Included 5

Which kind of wax is suitable for each candle

Included 6

How to colour 1 or 100 candles the same


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  • This is for you if you if you have already completed the beginners candle making course. 

  • This is for you if you are ready to take your candle making to the next level
  • This is for you if you if you want to learn different types of candles. 
  • This is for you if you want all the information you need  at the click of a mouse.  
  • This is for you if you want to join a community of likeminded candlemakers. 
Yes, I want all this for £99

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Yes, I want all this for £99

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9 modules 

12 hours of learning

Lifetime access 24/7

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Top features

  • Coloured candles
  • Pillar candles
  • Wood wick candles 
  • Wax melts 
  • Beeswax wrap
  • Multiwick
  • Diffuser
  • Your own vessel
  • Embed mold


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Bonus 1

Learn how to make Organic castile Soap

Bonus 2

Learn how to make solid Melt and pour soap.